How To Survive On Dry Land

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:



Skully Corset
Velvet Parasol Type [B] (3 Color Choice HUD)
Creature Glasses (10 Color Choice HUD) - The Couturier Dock
Eddy Suit


OBL161 (Blueblack) – booN
Zinia Tutu Style Skirt (Copper) – Masoom
Mesh Camp Boots (Gravel) – DECO
Pop Knee Socks (Teal) – Sn@tch
Fingerless Leather Gloves (Slink HUD) – Izzie’s
5th Chakra Tattoo 4 – Axix
The Heisenberg – HOC Industries
K_gs Deuce – Kumaki Sunglasses
Unisex Mesh Sneakers Stars – Gas Clothing Company


If you sweat on your nose, you’re mean!
Well, I must be one of the meanest people to hit this planet.
As you’ve already read in the previous adventure, The Eyes Have It, I can’t stand the heat.  Forever seeking ways to stay cool I have wet my wrists, fanned like a maniac with a paper plate, poured water on my head and stuck it briefly in the freezer.  Temporary fixes, I know.  But, one day as the Sun God is my witness, I will beat the heat and never go sweaty again.  Until then, it’s okay to look cool, right?
Glad you agree!
I’ve invited my buddy Zantelofas to help me in my endeavor to look cool against the sizzling odds.

We began by raiding Wicca’s Wardrobe.
He chose Ms. Merlin’s Eddy Suit and I, her Skully Corset — the perfect accompaniment to the suit (You’ll see why on the last image).  To shade and protect my delicate skin and sensitive eyes, I took  Wicca’s Velvet Parasol in hand and settled her Creature Glasses on my nose.
To test our theory that fashion can overcome the elements, we embarked on an adventure to a dried up lake bed in the middle of nowhere called Anita Witt’s Dryland.


Theory proven!
Zante looks amazingly cool in his Eddy Suit whereas I..well, I am me.
Zany, “out there” and…


…sweating on my nose.

♥ ♥ ♥

Peachy Queen

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible Strictly By:



Soyeux Mesh Cocktail Dress (Peach; Ruby Branch Hat & Chest Flower Branch)


ANNA45 (Mat)/CCV788(Mat)/Cornrows Hairbase(Mat) – booN
Diamond Platforms (Red/Slink High Feet) – Bens Boutique
Slink Fingerz & Toenail Appliers (Shine Bright Reds) – Silken Moon
Heart and Soul Earrings – Chop Zuey
Cleavage Ad-on (D Cup) & Natural Brows 2 (Alluring) – The Skinnery


<rings the big brass bell overhead>
It’s elegance time! Time to get all dressed and dolled-up with Zoomy.
<checks in the closet>
Let’s see.. Shoes?  Check.
Earrings?  Check.
Hair? <gropes head> Check.
Soyeux Mesh Cocktail Dress from Snowpaws? Double Check!

When I think of being elegant, genteel and feminine, Snowpaws tops my list. Without overpowering embellishments, Carrie Snowpaw, Owner and Designer of Snowpaws, weaves together uncomplicated grandeur into a style all her own.  Her designs are instantly recognizable without object profiling
(you know you do it…don’t deny) and surrounds those who don them with an aura of romantic sophistication. Soyeux, Snowpaws latest release, is an absolute example. “Silk” in English, Soyeux is as touchable as it gets.


Coming in five hues, I chose Peach (it is not as pink as this photo implies) and paired it with the Branch Hat and Chest Flower from Soyeux in Ruby.  All colors are easily mixed and matched, so if you’re anything like me when it comes to color,  be sure to purchase more than one. Ladies with Lolas (that includes Me), Carrie kept us in mind as Soyeux also has appliers for optional purchase.
Click the first picture above for a better view.


 One last thing I want to mention. It’s about the Chest Flower. It has been placed ever so gently in the curve of the dress’s neckline bringing special attention to a Woman’s femininity. Why, Carrie…You minx!  I didn’t know you had it in you. <giggles> Much Love.

♥ ♥ ♥


Ethnically Flawless

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible Only By:


~ Artizana ~
Belili (Flawless Edition) – Exclusive @ Flawless 


Odette: 8 – Cocoa / Bare Slink (Mid Cleavage / Freckles) – Lumae
GIC128 (Blueblack) – booN
Loto Hair Sticks (Silver) – May’s Soul
Traditional Getta (Dippy Pink/ Slink Flat Feet Addon) – yumyums


Let’s face it.
I’m dark.
Some would say “ dark as sin.”
I call foul.
I’m as dark as I wanna be and have never felt so comfortable in my own skin.
Does it matter if I’m not accepted everywhere?
Do I care if I am not the perfect example of what a “super model” is expected to be?
Not anymore.
Am I having fun being me?
You betcha!
And I’m continuing the fun with Artizana, the place for Ethnic Couture.
Dainie Fraina, owner and designer of Artizana, always brings out the best in my eat ‘em-up rich Godiva skin tone and for that I am singing her praises!
This time with a limited edition called Belini.


Popping with flowers and the perfect shade of pink, this ruffled two-piece mini is only available at Flawless until July 12th.
So, move your buns on over there, no matter what tone they are.
Artizana is an equal opportunity beautifier!


Special shout-out to Dainie Fraina, Paradox Messmer and Lumiya Rae.
You are three in my small circle who let’s me know in your own way that
it’s okay to be me.

♥ ♥ ♥





Call Me Abegaila

The Following Fashion For Life Adventure Was Made Possible By:


**M&M Style**

Long Red Mesh Dress
Fashion For Life Exclusive – 50% Donation

~ ~ ~

Danielle (Naturals) – Tameless Hair
Dodoo (Orange/Chapter Four Gacha) – LODE
Atlantis Moon Ring – Maxi Gossamer
Slink Nails (Wild Pinks) – Silken Moon


I love my Pops.
Even at this ripe ole age I can still say that I am a “Daddy’s Girl.”
He is the epitome of benevolence and wisdom all wrapped up into one and with Father’s Day just passed, I find it fitting that I dedicate this Adventure to him. Even more fitting for this dedication — Pops is fighting cancer.

Prostate Cancer.
Say those two words together and men begin to shake in their boots.
Dreading it’s required exams and possible final results, Prostate Cancer holds a stigma of embarrassment over the heads of our beloved X and Y gender.
But, not my Pops!
When he was diagnosed several years back, he stared cancer straight in the eyes, doing all that he could to remain as healthy as possible for himself and his family.
Now, at age 85, he’s “still kicking” as his brother Ira would say and for that I thank the heavens above.

So, why should you call me “Abegaila?”
Well, I’m definitely not giving up the name Zoomy.
But, for this Adventure, think of me as Abegaila since it is a Hawaiian name that means “My Father is Joy.”

Of all the places my Pops has traveled, Hawaii was one of the most enjoyable. The food, the music, the colors, the atmosphere, the women (sorry Mom), it all spelled a fabulous time for him and that is why I think he would love what Moreno Forwzy, owner and designer of M&M Style created as an exclusive for Fashion For Life.


The Long Red Mesh Dress is full of all the beauty of Hawaii.
Vibrant, happy, cool and comfy, it’s a piece I’d definitely pack in my suitcase to vacation there.  In fact…

“Pops, I’ll race you to the fruit stand.”
A hui hou kakou!

Abegaila out.

♥ ♥ ♥


All That Glitters *IS* Gold


Fashion For Life 2014 Poster


Mia Strapless Dress (Gold/ FFL Gotya Rare)
FFL 50% donation

~ ~ ~

Atteris Bronze Flower Hat – Sascha’s Designs
Liluye Braid Hair Attachment (Brown Porcelain) – Baiastice
Diva Onyx Jewelry – Modern Couture
Cult Lacquered Shoes (Tip Toe Addon) – Just Designs
Slink Hands Chenille Gloves – Adam N Eve


All that glitters isn’t gold?
Excuse me Aesop or whomever started this expression back in the 12th century, but it’s obvious you were not privy to anything even remotely
fabulous as Wild Serenity’s FFL Gotya.

Fashion For Life’s Gotya, the same as Gacha, feeds the “take a chance” addiction many of us have.  Just put in the money, pull the handle and try your luck.
However, with Wild Serenity, everyone’s a winner with 50% of all monies going to the American Cancer Society.


I am sporting one of two rarities to be won.
One lovely dress in Red and this one in glittering Gold.

Now, looking rich and feeling it isn’t so hard.
So pull that one-armed bandit!
The worst you could do is help a cancer patient in need.

♥ ♥ ♥


The Eyes Have It

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:



Kayes (Aqua)
*Comes with Headwrap not pictured*

~ ~ ~

Evie (8 – Cocoa Bare) Skin – Lumae
Ever (Light Browns) – Analog Dog
Insolence High Heeled – Deep Emerald (JD Shoe Addon) – Azoury
TDRF #041 Earrings (Sliver) - Kungler
Lux Alma Bracelets – RealEvil Industries
Bag Brazil Ocean – CheerNo
Slink Fingerz Appliers (Cool Pastels) – Silken Moon


I hate sweating!
Tis why my looks could kill up above.
Yeah, random comment, I know.
But, when you get to be my age, there are just certain things that drive you completely insane:

*Neighbor that gets up at 6am to work on his cars (where’s my BB gun?)
*Local drunk crashing in your garage, but not before eating your carrots directly out of the freezer (Yes, that really happened)
These situations and more irritate me, bring on hot flashes and then what do I do…Sweat.
What do my loved ones do?  Run.

So, what brought on this drip-dry subject?
Dainie Fraina, Designer and Owner of Artizana.
Now, let me straighten this up real quick before Dainie IMs me.
Kayes (rhymes with EYES), one of Artizana’s first releases and all-time best sellers was designed and named after a town of the same name in Mali, West Africa.  With less than 130,000 inhabitants (2009 census), Kayes (rhymes with EYES) has been described as the “hottest continually inhabited town.”  Daily average temperatures reach 97 degrees, peaking at 108 during April and May.  There is no doubt how this 380 mile town got it’s name as the “Pressure Cooker of Africa.”
How do the women my age deal with it?  If I were there, this is how I would:


I’d put on the fabulously cool and alluring Kayes outfit from Artizana
which comes in Aqua, Blue, Black/Ivory, as well as Purple, make sure there’s no gum on the bottom of my shoes,
take a big bag loaded with lemon water and hit the road.


Nothing beats my heat more than taking in gorgeous color of which the people of Kayes wear and making new friends.
I better get busy.  I have 130,000 potentials waiting!

♥ ♥ ♥


The Changeling — An FFL and Lumae Adventure

The Following Fashion For Life and Skin Adventure Was Made Possible By:


** M&M STYLE **

Melisa White Mesh Fashion For Life Exclusive

** Lumae ** 8 – Evie Skin – Cocoa/ Electr

~ ~ ~

KQI086 Cropped Hair (Gold) – booN Organic Hoops – Paper Couture Egyptian Necklace (Gold) – Bens Beauty Athena Bangle (Gold) – Maxi Gossamer Autumn Deer Slink Fingerz – Silken Moon




I couldn’t keep up with her. She was always changing clothes. One day wearing short shorts and the next a modest dress only the Preacher’s wife would don. She was my sister — the eldest. And also, a cancer survivor.


When I was young, I remember wishing I was just like my sister Donna. She was a model, you see.  Pretty and slim and free to explore all she desired. She was also a black belt in karate and taught me how to get out of any man’s hold. Very much into he African Culture, elephants were a collectible item for her. But, now Donna and I are decades old with our concerns on matters elsewhere. Hers was in November 2012 when she was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Symptoms had been going on for a while which is why I am so thankful her operation was a complete success. Although, she gave up modeling long go and you’ll be hard pressed to find an elephant in her house, I’m dedicating this post to her.  For what she was, is and shall be.

Donna would adore this two piece white mesh beauty from M&M Style called “Melisa.”
It’s cool, it’s comfy and yet sexy all at the same time.
Prying eyes will wander all over it and YOU when worn. Best part, is that it’s an exclusive at Fashion For Life.

Speaking of my sister Donna and making changes (terrible transition), there may be a new me on the horizon.
Not a whole lot of change, but if you get real close to the image above, you may notice.  Oh here.  Let me help you!


The skin is called Evie created by Lumae.
This particular one (has blue eyeshadow and wine lipstick) is currently a freebie along with three other shades of Evie located at Fab Free Headquarters.
The price was right so I bounced over to Lumae for the Slink Appliers, got dressed and began taking pictures for this entry.
It was not my intention to blog this skin now,
but I gotta tell ya… the more I snapped,
the more I loved what I saw.  Not every skinner can make a believable ethnic skin,
but Lumae has done quite well with Evie. So much so that after the shoot,
I headed back and purchased Evie’s new package called “Bare” in Coco.
Included are four skins with no makeup — 2 without brows (1 has freckles) 2 Mid Cleavage , four extra cleavages (system undershirt & tattoo layers) which also includes freckles, Normal/ Longer Eyelashes and Loud Mouth applier. Optional are the Slink, Wowmeh, Lolas, Lush, Phat Azz and AMD Bump Appliers.

Evie is a keeper for now. Besides, she matches the color of my ears.


 ♥ ♥ ♥

Smooth Criminal — An FFL Adventure

This Fashion For Life Adventure Was Made Possible By:
(click for better resolution)

Sachi Flare Dress – Fashion For Life Exclusive

Navy-ris Flat For Slink (Mare) – Fashion For Life Exclusive

3D Slink Elegant 1 (Oscar Drape) – Fashion For Life Exclusive

~ ~ ~
Wool Felt Fedora (Beige Brown) – COCO
Kalistar Set – Maxi Gossamer
Frenchie (Chocolate) – Illmatic


He was sleek.
He was cool.
And a total “rico suave.”
My sister and I use to joke about him being the neighborhood loan shark.
So, what if he lent money to those in need and insisted they pay him with interest 
on a certain day or else.
He wasn’t a … wait.
That is a loan shark.

My Uncle Billy.
He was the smoothest cat around.
Billy Dee Williams had nothing on him.
Calm and urbane, I never ever saw him get mad.
Calling all the women in the neighborhood “Chickenheads”, 
I loved how he would laugh and wipe his eyes. 
He had a leaking issue with his tear ducts and would always 
carry a handkerchief with him to keep his eyes dry.

One day when we were killing time, he told me about his job in the service.
He was a weather man.
Flying all around, he’d give those on the ground reports of the weather ahead.
I wish I could have foreseen that cancer would take him away from me.
I would have been more by his side.
But, thanks to Fashion For Life, I can share my Uncle Billy with you 
as well as fabulous exclusive fashion!

(click for better resolution)

Case in point, Mon Cheri’s adorable Sachi Flare Dress that comes in a plethora of colors.
It can be dressed up or dressed down which makes this a go-to garment.

Baboom sails us away with their unique Navy-ris Flat For Slink.  I don’t normally wear flats, but this is one pair of a few at FFL that has me kicking off my heels. So cute!

And let’s not forget the nails.  
They are a must-have for this stylish woman and Moondance Boutique has created something quite unique — 3D Slink Nails.  NOT appliers.  Nails!
Simply remove the nails from your Slink Elegant1 Hands, 
make sure your hand size is 10 and click “Wear.”
I love love love this!

Now, I am dressed like a Smooth Criminal.
No “Chickenheads” on this page.
I hope you’re looking down on me Uncle Billy 
because although you never loaned me money, 
the love you showered on me will last a lifetime.

♥ ♥ ♥

MOOLTO’s Chosen

The Following Honor Was Made Possible By:
The Social Network for Second Life Avatars


To be chosen without politics or prejudice means you 
were the best or most appropriate selection at that time.  
To be chosen by your peers defines the same, but with much more emotion.
Moolto did this for me as they chose me for their June Model of the Month!

With over 15,000 members, Moolto is the social network for Second Life avatars.  
Maxes Loon, Moolto’s CEO, 
has created an environment similar to Facebook tailored specifically for us.
Everything that is needed to keep in touch, advertise, promote, discover and organize is there.
Even a monthly magazine of which I am very honored to have been chosen as their 
June Model of the Month.
 Zoomy Bluebird Moolto Model of the Month
(Image by Wren Noir)

**Read the article HERE.**

If you are familiar with me at all, you already know that I can be quite long-winded.
Poor Moolto staff had to edit any information I sent to them in the interest of saving time.
They did a wonderful job!
However, I have all the time in the world, so below you will find what I wrote in it’s entirety.
Don’t forget to grab a beverage first!
MOOLTO Model of the Month: Zoomy Bluebird
(Extended Version)
Stepping out with knees knocking, teeth chattering and hands shaking, she takes her mark to enter the runway.  This is the time she has been anticipating.   
Patiently waiting as the names A through Y are called, it is now time for letter Z to shine.

“3, 2, 1..Go!”

Holding her breath and praying to any favorable Gods who are willing to listen, she sashays out taking charge of the runway and it’s fashion hungry audience.

This is it!  This is what she has been waiting for. This moment in time.
She’s ready!  She’s excited!  She’s…..CRASHING?!……

Zoomy.  Zoomy Bluebird.  Zoomy Bluebird with a passion.  Zoomy Bluebird with a passion for fashion that has been the driving force in her Second Life and beyond.  Looking back through the past months including a period of time when she crashed more than she modeled, it’s hard to believe Zoomy has traversed so far in such a short period of time.

February 2013 marks the month and year that changed Zoomy’s life forever.
“You should be a model”, her co-worker said to her.  Looking down at the store’s pose stand she was on, she thought she was one.  But, over the next hour, her co-worker who she now considered her friend, explained the difference.  Had this been what she was seeking?  
To be a professional model?
Aye.  It was and is and shall forever remain to be.

Attending and graduating from 5 modeling academies in a year’s time, Zoomy garnered knowledge from MODA, Miss Virtual World, Mimmi Boa and SCALA — developing the necessary skills and honing her own unique self into the dark rich skin-toned “Amazon” we see today.  It wasn’t easy.  The road was quite a rocky one from the beginning with bad advice and discouraging words often leaving her in tears.  Developing “thick skin” went against who she really was, so she found another way around the disappointments — hard work!

Keeping busy has landed her in a plethora of shows, modeling designs for Vero Modero, Lazuri, Azul, FineSmith, Livglam, Vintage Jewels, Artizana and so many more.  

Looking back through the months, Zoomy has learned many lessons, but the most valuable one is this: Always treasure and embrace your true self.
Dubbed “The Funky Stylist”, Zoomy often wishes she was the elegant type model so many seem to master.  Although, she can achieve this if asked, her talent lies in mixing and matching designs into her own unique style with many of them displaying her absolute passion for hats.  It is her hope to one day land a job as an exclusive model for a hat designer and to perhaps learn how to design them herself.
Stepping out with stable knees, a smile upon her lips and steady hands, she takes her mark to enter the runway.  This is it!  The time she has been anticipating.  She is skilled.  She is talented.  She is confident.  She is Zoomy.  

♥ ♥ ♥

The Virginia End – An FFL Adventure

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:

(click for better resolution)

Chasing Summer Lemon Midriff Gown
100% Donation to Fashion For Life
~ ~ ~
Boy**11 (Twine/ Mens Hair) – Dura
NES “Amathyst” Earrings/Bracelet – Finesmith
Slink Nails Set 177 – Flair
She grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl sitting next to her beloved cayenne pepper on the table.  I always watched her in amazement when she ate.  Even though full, she could always make me hungry all over again just by the way she took a bite.
Taking it’s stem in hand, she turned the banana upside down and opened it from the bottom.
“Why Aunt V?  Why didn’t you open it like others do?”
She gave her usual infectious cackle of a laugh.
“Because, my child. It’s easier this way.”

I lost my Aunt Virginia, or Aunt V as I called her, to cancer.
It was a huge blow because not only was she my father’s twin sister, 
but my savior during those lonely teenage years.
Paisley Daisy’s gorgeous yellow hued gown called Chasing Summer
reminds me of my Aunt V and the banana she re-taught me to open.  
That is why I am dedicating this Fashion For Life entry to her.

With over 150 clothing, accessories and pose designers, it is the second largest and oldest fashion event on the grid. Every item sold gives a donation to the American Cancer Society.
Being an official Relay For Life event, FFL runs June 7th to the 20th.

I will be in the thick of it all 
dedicating exclusive designs to loved ones I have lost to the disease.
Aunt V, 
this one’s for you!

♥ ♥ ♥